Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whitening Essence...                                  

Dull Skin?  Fret not, Whitening Essence to the rescue… It contains the main active ingredient melanostatin-5 (a type of peptides).  Peptides are the latest in-demand ingredient in skin care products.  Peptides can penetrate the epidermis because of their tiny molecular size.  It promotes a heal-and-repair response which stimulates the development of collagen to moisturize and strengthen the skin.

How it works: 
Melanostatin-5, is a skin lightening biomimetic peptide which controls overactive hormone production to prevent and lighten the effects of hyperpigmentation.  It is used to maintain lightening and produces speedy results that are visibly noticeable within 4-12 weeks of initial use.

As our skin changes according to our health and aging risk factors, this product can be used to combat the effects of time.

Whitening Essence to try:
The Whitening Essence exfoliates while dramatically stimulates the skin, bringing a healthily-glowing, clearer and younger-looking skin.  Contains natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Licorice and Algae Extracts. 

After applying toner, massage an appropriate amount of the serum onto your face in circular motions, until it is fully absorbed into your skin.  Subsequently, apply your regular moisturizer to complete the skincare regime.

Suitable usage: Day and Night.
Suitable skin conditions: Oily, dry, combination, dull, sensitive or saggy.
Suitable age group: You should start whenever you have been in the sun, especially being in a tropical country like Singapore!
Main ingredients: Melanostatin-5, Witch Hazel extract, Licorice extract and Algae extract.  

Vial (3 ml) =  S$8.00 
Bottle (15 ml) = S$39.90
Bottle (30 ml) = S$69.90 
Bottle (60 ml) = S$99.90