Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Defence against the dark spots and dull skin

Yes! For years, we have been searching for the right facial cleanser, moisturizer and toner to keep our faces blemish-free and glowing.   It is a tall order to search for clear skin!  Believe it or not, a lot of women spend their lifetime searching for perfect skincare products but to no avail.  

Look no further, as we have a range of products that are suitable for your skin type, be it dry, sensitive or saggy.

Here are some tips to defend against dark spots and dull skin for this NEW YEAR and beyond:

Healthy Diet
You may have read this tip in every skincare tip but drinking plenty of water is the first important step to getting a clearer skin.  Avoid drinking lots of tea, cola or soda which can severely dry your skin!

Good yet Gentle Cleanser
Always invest in a good yet gentle cleanser for your delicate skin.  A good cleanser may be pricier but we strongly believe you will see the difference.  Come try our Mandelic Acid Cleanser and you will see that your every cent is well spent.

Tone away
Using a toner after cleansing is a vital step to ensure dirt and oil are wiped off your face and prepare for serums and moisturizer.  Come try our 3 different types of toners which will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed. 

Use a face buffer
Buffing away the dead skin cells at least every once a week will keep your skin looking fresh, bright and glowing.   Try The Face Buffer  and say goodbye to dull looking skin.

Never complete your skincare regime without moisturizing your face.  It is a final step to attain the best skincare results. Use our signature serums to keep your skin moisturized and beaming in good health.

Of course not forgetting, always apply sunblock with every moment in the sun to defend your skin against dark spots.