Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mattifying Toner                                

This toner perfects the skin's balance by inhibiting sebum production and preventing bacterial proliferation. It helps to hydrate the skin for a shine-free glow.  Formulated with an advanced sebum regulating system, this toner acts like a sebum radar and targets oily areas without over-drying skin.

Try Mattifying Toner:
A toner that will decongest pores, reduce inflammation, control oil without drying and hydrate the skin for a shine-free glow.

Use it with a cotton ball/pad on your clean face, neck and décolleté area.  Subsequently, apply your serum/essence, follow by regular moisturizer to complete the skincare regime.  Please keep the product refrigerated to retain its freshness.

Suitable usage: Day and Night.
Suitable skin conditions: Oily or acne-prone.
Suitable age group: It’s a toner that will allow you to face the warm and humid weather without adding extra shine to your face…
Main ingredients: Lavender Water, Deionized Water, Vitamin B5, PCA Zn and Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract

Note: This product is NOT suitable for any sensitive skin condition.

Bottle 1oz (30 ml)       = S$18.90
Bottle 2ozs (60 ml)    = S$28.90 
Bottle 4ozs (120 ml)   = S$48.90