Friday, August 26, 2011

The Right Cleanser                                                              

It is crucial in choosing the right cleanser just for your delicate skin.  Your skincare regimen is your foundation. Anything less than efficient and effective would make a shaky base.  We have found the right cleanser that is suitable for all skin types! 

The right cleanser is the basis of your skincare regime.  A good skin starts with clean skin!  Don’t just pick up the one that works for your best friend, pick up the one that works best for you!

Try our gentle yet effective Mandelic Acid Cleanser which contains Mandelic Acid (it is a class of alpha hydroxyl acid) that helps to balance and bring out your skin’s clarity.

Tub 1oz paste (30 grams)        = S$18.90
Tub 2ozs paste (60 grams)     = S$28.90 
Tub 4ozs paste (120 grams)    = S$48.90