Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snow skin: soft, white, light as snowflakes                    

To achieve soft and radiant skin is not an easy task.  Of course, you will need to take care of your skin by maintaining a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and regular exercise.  However, you will still need some extra help to attain the glowing skin.

Use some of our snowy Whitening Essence to help counteract skin dullness.  This essence delivers extreme clarity and luminosity to your skin and it is created to energize the complexion, making the skin look bright and enlivened,  and thereby softening the effects of time.

With a strict regimen, the skin is primed to perfection and boosts the health of your aging skin, leaving your skin with nothing but a luminous glow. 

Suitable usage: Day and Night.
Suitable skin conditions: Oily, dry, combination, dull, sensitive or saggy. 
Suitable age group: You should start whenever you have been in the sun, especially being in a tropical country like Singapore!